Friday, November 03, 2006

Time for a little sanity

Signal Hill North Head Trail (photo: Alison Dyer) - a ledge between worlds waiting to be explored.

But one person wants a chunk of this historic hill manicured and riddled with road-sized 'trails,' to intrude upon and remove precious wetlands, create man-made ponds with fountains, build miniatures of historic sites. Is this really wanted, on Signal Hill?

What can you do?
Voice your concern. Write City Council, Paul Johnson, a letter to the editor. Here's a list to get you going:
1. Johnson Family Foundation, Paul Johnson: 95 Elizabeth Avenue, St. John's
p: 737-1503 fax:737-1667
2. Grand Concourse Authority, Addison Bown, ex.dir.
3.City Council
Mayor Andy Wells
Deputy Mayor Dennis O'Keefe
Councillor Art Puddister
Frank Galgay (Chairs City Parks cttee)
Keith Coombs
Ron Ellsworth
Wally Collins
Gerry Colbert
Shannie Duff
Tom Hann
Sandy Hickman
4. Lorraine Michael, MHA Signal Hill Quidi Vidi 739-6387
5. Media
The Telegram
The Independent
CBC Radio - On the Go - 576-5270, toll free in province at 1-800-465-6846


Michael said...

Alison, why not add a counter to your site? It would be good to know how many people are reading your 'Fen' offensive. Might give you some extra clout if it's required to stop this nonsense.

squidink said...

Michael - thanks for the reminder, i've been doing to do this...from # of profile hits, there have been about 300 people check site since postings about the fen development. That's a considerable amount of interest.

Folks - I'll be in Labrador on assignment as of tomorrow - if I don't have a blog up, keep checking the newspapers - there's a movement on to write council/GCA/JFF/newspapers to demand a work stoppage and public meeting.

Keep blogging comments

Kanuman said...

Alison's letter came out today in the Telegram. No mention of the issue at last night's Council Meeting and I sat through the whole 1-1/2 hrs of it. With all the people on this board it would be great to see letters expressing opinions about the Signal Hill project for the next month. If anyone is interested, attached is a comprehensive site explaining why bogs are important, why they should be protected and procedures for doing so. I don't think anyone could argue that roadbeds near bogs are not a bad idea. If anything, all of this "fuss" might raise wetland awareness in the region. Even if you have a tiny bog in your backyard, protect it, as it might have taken hundreds of years to develop. It could only take a few days to destroy it even with runoff from honest to goodness topsoil.


squidink said...

Thanks for the link Kanuman.
I've been in beautiful Labrador this week on assignment and have some catching up to do with letters and articles in the newspapers and radio interviews. There's obviously wide concern and opposition to both this development and the process by which it is going ahead.

Elizabeth said...

I tried to visit the link posted by Kanuman but it did not seem to work. I think the link should be
I wonder do we have the kind of policies protecting wetlands that are described at this website (relating to protective policies for wetlands in the state of Washington)? I hate to be critical of something done by the Johnson Foundation, which has done so much good for the city, but it seems that at the very least there should have been public consultation and an environmental assessment, and that boardwalks might have been better for maintaining waterflow in the wetland.

Elizabeth said...

Now that I've made my posting I see what the problem is with the link to the website on wetlands. It is too long to fit into the formatting of this blog. I'm posting it on two lines this time:
Very useful website!

squidink said...

Thanks very much for this Elizabeth!