Monday, July 28, 2008

Caplin Roll in Caplin Cove

Carpet of iridescent green, writhing. A thin fog half-heartedly obscuring cliffs, solemn, battle ship grey with their longitudinal lines. Impressive, but the veil of mystery soon lifting, peeling back to show true blue.

This past wednesday, the caplin rolled onto the beach. Almost to the day they did last year (a month behind from years ago). Son Ezra first out at 6am to net a few. The ritual cooking up of a few on the Regal woodstove. Then such a fine day, I launched and paddled over to Hant's Harbour to let some friends know 'the caplin are in'.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Run River Run

(photos of Exploits River/Grand Falls Canyon River, A. Dyer July 2008)

Sometimes you just have a try something new. I believe. And so two weekends ago, although the forecast temperatures were below seasonable, and drizzle drizzled, a few of us headed out to central Newfoundland and the grand Exploits River for KNL's Badger Run. Posted especially for sea kayakers with little WW experience, it was a fun weekend. We camped at Paul & Joy Roses' place (who run the wonderful Rafting Newfoundland trips).
Exceptional hospitality on their part added to the weekend. Me, being the only novice (a single 2-day course on the Ottawa River in 2005 my only previous WW), I impressed myself that I never swam on this trip. Following sat. night's steaks, beer, and campfire, we scouted the Canyon section on Sunday. Class 3. I waved the flag and said "next year," (hold me to it).
My compadres and more experienced river rats Brian, Pete, and Dick ran it no problem - although it wasn't without excitement. The amazing Paul Rose (with a hole in his boat taped with duct tape) and youngsters Andrew and Breen strutted their stuff for some time on the Virgin Wave. While the waves look almost grandmotherly here, I can attest to their testy and toothsome nature. Know your stuff or be eaten!
Meanwhile, back at the camp--where Paul & Joy are building 4 1/2 star chalets with jacuzzis and hot tub--the huskies are simply adorable. An all around great weekend.