Friday, August 31, 2007

bloggers meet and paddle

september 5, 2007

Michael Bradley turned up in Newfoundland this summer. He located me in Trinity Bay feeding hens and hiding from civilization in general. Stayed for supper (unfortunately I hadn't got out jigging until later so cod wasn't on the menu), pitched the tent and we planned a day paddle for the following one which turned out pretty decent in terms of weather. I was able to show him some of the headlands and arches around my neck of the woods. Michael - I'm glad you got some paddling in around the Rock this summer even though trips did not all go as planned.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

An immense little paddle

aug. 2007

managed late afternoon paddle in Trinity Bay from our cove. Calm waters encouraged me to solo paddle an otherwise forbidding coastline with no takeouts for several miles. Past Hants Head and headed south (well, actually west). Not a boat on the bay - that felt eery, given it'd take me a good 5 hours to paddle to the other side. Lots of long-tendrilled jellyfish. Stark cliffs, brutal headlands (given the right - or wrong - conditions) and then I found Green Cove - local name. It's barely a cove - not a boulder to take out in, but it has the most impressive arch, a solid mass scratched with quartz. Even then - in a quiet sea, the swell slapped up a good foot & a half on the cliff. I managed to edge around the arch to see whether I could pass through - but not unless my kayak came in around 5 feet - there was a tight right angle to pass through. Still, a magnificent sight. Still further, another section of the cliff I'd not explored before (I'd been paddling further out to avoid clapotis), sheer rock for a few hundred feet - heard the unmistakeable sound of water - fresh water - falling. A crevice, barely one foot wide and the entire length of the cliff face smudged in oozing lime green and tinkling loudly. Then paddled to yet another head... there are a few along this stretch - gulls, terns and guillomots crying desparately - of course it sounds that way when their voices echo off cliffs.

Just an hour or so - my underwater camera on the blink so no photos this time.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

new blog added

sometime in august, somewhere in eastern Newfoundland...

just added blog by Neil Burgess, paddling buddy, to links. I'll add new photos once I get my dozen or more rolls processed (have to go digital, I know!). meanwhile, i'm lost somewhere in Trinity Bay.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

sometime mid august. trinity bay...

my kids are enjoying themselves immensely, swimming in the brook daily, at their special beach (some cold), learning 120s by lamplight, domesticating our adorable hens...

i got out cod jigging with a neighbour in our cove today with son - place was maggoty with minke whales - and we soon got our five cod. nice to have a freezer full.