Wednesday, February 20, 2008

rubber boots

A poem for this time of year on our wind-battered, warm-frozen, earth broken, ice-spliced island:

Rubber Boots, A Love Story

They sing of fish guts, cow paddies,
and mud puddles; the places you've been.
They embrace the back of your knees, calves
held in the whoosh and slap, a lullaby
in this season of leaving.
An antidote to empty coat hangers,

they wait for you like dogs
at the back door.

by Bren Simmers [from Arc Poetry Magazine]

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Let me Fish - and Paddle - off Cape St. Mary's

Written by Otto Kelland, Let Me Fish off Cape St. Mary's is a beautiful song.

But hey, others are paddling around that same Cape. Yup. We're a lucky crew who paddle here. (And hopefully Justine C doesn't mind my using a photo from her site - from her visit to same Cape). Now, some of us are even more fortunate. For those within earshot (and with good studs on your tires - yes - it's still only February) come check out this:

February 21, 2008: Slideshow - Paddling around Cape St. Mary's
7:30 PM Guv'nor Pub on Elizabeth Ave
We've all been there but few have paddled around Cape St. Mary's. Last September, three KNL members left St. Bride's on this unique trip. The sea was calm, the cliffs were high, the birds were raucous, the caves were deep, and the surfing was a treat. Come and see the pictures of this dream paddle with Neil Burgess

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Appeal from across the pond.... thousands of years ago

The Lismullin archaeological site in Co. Meath - possibly used as a defence during the Viking invasion - has been handed over to the contractor building the M3 motorway... hard to believe a site 2,000 years old, with artifacts dating back to the 10th century, is to be demolished. for a highway. More info on Claire's blog.. and there's a petition on the go.....

winter paddling

Stan MacKenzie shows it possible to paddle in the winter here. Brrr. Actually he has gone out on the ocean too - check out his new blog listed in links.