Friday, March 26, 2010

another roll nearly mastered!

This has been a good winter season at the pool sessions. My offside is pretty darn good. So decided to learn another roll. Thought it was the storm roll - but a variation of same. That is, with one hand on paddle blade, another positioned just below, extend paddle out and over until it is fully extended and facing completely down in water, change hands, and come up the other side. Cool trick! I've only managed to do it once. Something about getting the right blade angle to enable sufficient grip.. anyway - all fun under the water!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Paddling Conception Harbour

[for a trip report on Conception Harbour/Avondale, see:]

Simply sweet: Forecast of +4C, sunny, light (to neglible) wind. Sunday. Translates quickly into=forego responsibilities and join friends paddling. Twist my arm.

One (or both) arms duely twisted, 7 of us headed out of Conception Harbour in Gaster's Bay (Conception Bay, Newfoundland - about 45 mins drive from St. John's) for a lovely wee spring paddle (~14km), seeing new hills (sprinkled with snow they look large and prominent on the landscape); carving through ice (do not suggest doing this with a wooden greenland paddle - half of paddle is superior according to Derek - maneuverability being everything), with a clear view up the bay to the fine spread of sedimentary rocks of Bell Island.

Paddling out of Conception Harbour, or nearby Avalondale, at the bottom of Conception Harbour is a sure (well, as sure as sure can be when kayaking) bet for night or winter paddling. Lots of takeouts and possibilities for beach cookups.

The first stretch of ice took some hammering to get through... then it got a little easier.....