Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Glorious Uncle Val

Tonight I was at the LSPU Hall in St. John's for AN EVENING WITH UNCLE VAL, written and performed by Andy Jones and directed by Lois Brown. Jones is a genious, a comedian unsurpassed. (Sorry Toronto, but how did you lose out on him?) An actor who invites you in, as if his one and only audience, at the Parliament of Cultural Romance; a one-man show that sidles through the mundane to the magical, a comic contortionist. To hear about a bohemian yet completely traditional wedding in a tiny kitchen overrun by guests somewhere in a fabled quarter of Placentia Bay; how Uncle Val unwittingly terrorizes the kidlets in care with tales of an urban wolf. Not a show to be missed. Do not eat (much) beforehand, you'll be laughing it up.
Rattling Books has now put out a CD of Uncle Val's best and famous letters just in time for Christmas:


Michael said...

150 signatures... (Thursday, Nov 23, 06)

Michael said...

156 signatures... (Friday, Nov 24, 06)

I read your Kanawa article today, Alison. It's excellent. Put me on your 'challenge' list to visit settlements next summer. I'll be there all of July!

Michael said...

159 signatures... (Saturday, Nov 25, 06)

Michael said...

162 Geopark signatures... (Sunday, Nov 26, 06) written by people who cared enough to take the time to let their voice be heard.

squidink said...

Hi Michael

3rd time trying to leave a message - hope this works :>)

Thank you for your kind words about Kanawa. You're #1 on the resettled challenge (looking for a more appropriate name).

Thanks also for keeping tabs on the petition #s. I've just had email from Texas. We're getting concerned enquiries both far & wide.

Look forward to meeting you in July. Maybe time to put out the challenge on nf.paddling re paddling to resettled communities??