Friday, November 10, 2006

a far finer tree

(Port au Port Peninsula: photo by Alison Dyer)

It's good to take a breather. Many people have spoken out, surprised by the development on Signal Hill. We're going to hear many, many more voices in the coming weeks. But I want you to take a breather, enjoy some other images and ideas.

I was in Labrador - Goose Bay/Happy Valley - this past week on assignment. I was fortunate enough to also make visits to North West River and Sheshatshit, places I have not been, well, for a very long time. The moon was full, the air heavy with the scent of wood smoke. I don't have photos of these places ready to post yet. But some good memories already of meeting people such as Angela Andrew who makes Innu Tea Dolls and is always ready to learn new ways of doing things - Angela had a caribou hide drying behind her wood stove, and a year-old bright star testing her grandmother's patience. And Sylvia Blake, a trapper's daughter who grew up in place called, of all wonderful names, Butter and Snow, who gardens all manner of vegetables in her Labrador soil.


David L. Benson said...


Magnificent starrigan. Newfoundlnd in one photograph.


Michael said...

Mmmm... The tree I saw in Newfoundland last summer was out on the cliff, for sure, but it was alive and tough and looking at making it through a lot more years ahead, battered and fragile, perhaps, but hanging in there!

squidink said...

I call them the Newfoundland bonsai!