Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Mayor threatens resident

I have just received a belligerent and intimidating phone call from Mayor Andy Wells at my home regarding something I was quoted as saying in the newspaper about the development on Signal Hill. I'm feeling physically sick at both his verbal attack and at the thought that a Mayor, someone of his position, would actually do this to a resident.
He is known for such aggressive behaviour in City Council. To do the same to a taxpayer is reprehensible.
Stay tuned.


cretos said...

This is terrible news! I am angry that it has come to this, and I am sorry Alison to hear that it came back on you in this way. Whatever happened to diplomacy? Andy Wells has taken a tooth and nail approach. Why is he so against talking to residents about serious development issues? What is he hiding? We need a different mayor. Andy needs to be charged and fired. The best interests of city residents does not seem to be in his mind at all. He is a bully and you have my support in standing up to him.

squidink said...

Thank you kindly for your support.

It is unbelievable, in this day and age, that someone in such a position would actually call someone up at their home and attack them in this manner. When all residents are asking is for input? Imagine if we took to the streets? It's too ludicrous.

Does anyone know of such a situation with other Mayors in other Canadian cities? He should be ashamed, impeached!

debbiem said...

Hi Alison,

I know how upsetting this can be. I once received a letter from the lawyer for former Councillor Kevin Breen, threatening to sue me for libel (this was in regard to the long-lost battle for Shamrock Field). These bullying tactics can certainly have the desired chilling effect. And of course no amount of chastising ever changes their behaviour. Still, having said that, if you have the energy, take his remarks as public as you can. And let us know if we can do anything besides offer encouragement and moral support. XOXO

J.A.G. said...

Dear Alison, if you wish to use my experiences with the Mayor in public, you have my permission. As you know, I too have been threatened by his intimidating behaviour and warnings of Court action. He does not deserve a single vote; and it is shameful that the citizens of this wonderful city are abused in such a manner as he regularly employs when someone expresses a point of view which differs from his own.

squidink said...

Dear DebbieM and J.A.G. - many thanks for your support - I've heard from a few people now about the type of verbal attack, harassment and intimidation tactics used by this man and some of his council. And to think they hold public office. Shame, shame on Wells!

Michael said...

133 signatures total this evening! I'd say that's significant. In many places that's enough to force a referendum on many an issue in most municipalities.

Fight on, girl! You've lots of support.

squidink said...

Thanks Michael.
I too believe it is significant. And that many people have not only added their signature, but well-phrased comments underlines its importance.

Michael said...

142 signatures (Wednesday evening, Nov 22)

squidink said...

Michael - support is steadily growing for sure.

Matt said...


Unfortunately for you we live in a democracy. We elect people who will act in our best interests.

The mayor in opposing your actions/request is acting in my, and many other citizens interests.

As you post no evidence of this verbal attack we will take your word for it that it was a horrible experience.

What if your petition got 1000 signatures? That would indicated that of a city of 100,000 1% of the people would not like the project to continue. Unfortunately once again you stand in the face of democracy.

Are you looking at the issue objectively enough to make an informed decision?

Have you honestly considered the positive aspects of the project?

In my opinion you seem to be operating out of selfish motivations rather then for the public good.

Beni Malone said...

Hi All,

Matt and Laura seem to have missed the point that THERE WAS NO PUBLIC CONSULTATION ON THIS ISSUE. I won’t debate these unsigned argument point by point but Matt whoever’s point that only 10% of the site is developed is absurd. 10% spread over the whole site with trails is 100% . The point is they, and the rest of us should be able to air our concerns in a public forum. Maybe in public and fully identified they would be less condescending and insulting.

Beni Malone

kierangaffney said...

Dear Alison

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I had a look at yours too and was curious about this post. Can I suggest you put more information on this post out there and write for your global audience.
Give us the background and what was said.

Good luck though, the guy doesn't sound nice

squidink said...

Hey Kieran, thanks for blogging. i'd prefer to talk about sea kayaking in newfoundland but yeah, as I live in the capital of St. John's, Newfoundland, I'm involved in fighting some of the development fiascos that go on in this city. (oops, probably someone will try & sue me for saying that:) I haven't blogged yet how the Mayor of this City wrote me yesterday threatening legal action). I started blogging about this particular development last month - it's archived under 'defending the fen' I believe. Long story. I live downtown & on edge of national park and a good part of it is uninhabited provincial crown land. Somehow one non-profit group has got hold of it and is putting in a sort of geological theme park - quite tacky. We're asking (a portion of local & extra-local population) for simply public consultation on this historic land.
It's all about due process - or lack thereof with this City. This is another case of a development going ahead after a private meeting with City Council (which the Mayor admits to, but won't right the wrong by a work stoppage & public meeting). Go figure. Meanwhile, we feel it's worth fighting for. Thanks for asking. sorry for long answer :) alison