Thursday, October 12, 2006

Maps for Canadians

(One happy map user: photo by Jamie Lewis)

Hey, this is a time to rejoice - the federal government has reversed its decision to get out of the paper map making business thanks to hundreds (thousands?) of outdoor enthusiasts who wrote the Minister of Natural Resources and voiced their concern. And to Maps for Canadians, a group that got a good campaign going. Apart from needing those excellent NTS maps for sea kayaking and hiking, I'm going to doubly enjoy pouring over them this winter while planning new water and land trails to explore the coming year.

Had to add this letter that was posted on the Maps for Canadians site - it's wonderful!

From Mo Tipples. Grandmother of 6 in Manitoba, Heart of the Country !
This is the worst email I have ever received ! What an absolute travesty. How can our Government take away such an important educational tool for Canadians to get to know their country and develop pride in its vastness and wonder ? The access by computer in now way compares to having a map on the wall , floor or in hand.The numbers of people without computers is still huge and having attended a seminar on GPS, that is not the answer either. A map is the reference point that travels with you on any travel anywhere.Maps are the way you connect with the earth when you can not get out there on the ground, and more importantly how you connect when you are out there on the ground and in our lovely wilderness areas. Are they trying to discourage us from finding out the hidden details so that the Lumber companies can go rampant ? They are an important learning tool for the young to use , as important as reading a book.My letters will be written and sent.


Michael said...

I can't believe Harper back-tracked on something, but he seems to have on this one. Imagine a country with no maps except for the rich! Duh!!
I wonder if writing my Bloc Québeçois member was what scared him? LOL

Great blog Alison! I'll add a link from mine.

squidink said...

Excellent point Michael. And the campaign really speaks to just how many people are out enjoying, travelling, and working in the country vs. urban areas - isn't that great!

ckayaker said...

Ah, bloggin power to the people! What else should we change back to the way it ought to be!