Thursday, October 19, 2006

Is it a case of you get what you pay for? Am having problem with text editing (fonts, etc.) on this blog. Apologies for tiny text! Alison


Michael said...

Hi- Did you use 'cut and paste' with that piece? Sometimes that confuses Blogger and it does unexpected things. I've sent you an email with some hints on how to 'Take Control' of Blogger! LOL I hope they'll be useful, but I confess they're free and you know what that means... ;-)

squidink said...

thanks for your input Michael.

anne said...

I went out at 6 am this morning to see how invasive the road thru the fen had become. Why is this unnatural road even there?
It is wider than any walker could need? Why must every wild spot within St John's be rolled over in some meaninglessly quest of "access for all". It doesn't make sense to destroy this last little envelope of wildness. Signal Hill has already been 'touristorized' and I avoid it when I can. The worst part is that the "destroyers" with their "roads" etc do not even realize the fragileness of the wildness they are banishing from the fen and from those of us who, yes, will "walk thru bog" as part of the enjoyment.