Tuesday, October 31, 2006

I'm sorry.... we should have consulted the public

There's something about sincere apologies. Others, well....

Listen to CBC Radio One's On the Go host Ted Blades' Monday Oct. 30th interview with Mayor Andy Wells on how due diligence and standard procedure was, somehow, forgotten in a private meeting held in August.

Are you convinced this will not happen again?

The audio feature will be up later today. Meanwhile, click on On to Go's audio feature of Oct.27th to hear an interview with resident Ray Cox and comments by Paul Johnson, the proponent of the Johnson Geo Park.


Michael said...

So... does this mean that work will be stopped until a public hearing takes place? I hope so.
Near me, the Quebec premier is giving part of a provincial park away to some of his cronies, so they can build a condo park and get richer! Land that was donated in perpetuity to the province, if you can believe it.
So... do I think they're sorry? Nope, not a bit. Well, sorry they got caught, maybe!

squidink said...

It should have been public, not private. So yes, there was a procedural problem. I understand they also have no permit, and no actual building plan was submitted for same.

Is this legal? I suggest not and yes there should be a work stoppage.

I was up there this afternoon - a backhoe was at yet another section of road. In some places its about 20ft wide - a good 4 to 5 ft of packed earth on each side (for lawn?!)

This is a desecration.