Sunday, August 03, 2008

Greg Rocks

"Following are my trip statistics. I’ll also put a gear list together, along with a list of what gear worked and what gear didn’t make the grade.
Total distance paddled: 2102K (1306 miles)

Daily average: 60.05K (37.3 miles)
Longest day: 93K (57.8 miles)
Shortest day (aborted crossing of Trinity Bay): 27K (16.7 miles)
Total days: 44Paddling days: 35Weather/Rest days: 9
Many hundreds of whales, dolphins and blowspouts! Two sharks and two sunfish. And of course, and most important, too many life-changing memories to list…"

Posted by Greg Stamer, world-record-holder for paddling around island of Newfoundland, completed this past week. Way to go Greg.

check out his site for simply gorgeous photos etc.

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