Monday, August 25, 2008

Fortune Bay

(Paddling near Rencontre East, Fortune Bay: photo by Alison Dyer, Aug.2008)

Last week spent nearly six days paddling and exploring Fortune Bay. Rare finds, magnificent vistas, glorious and terrifying geology. Details and photos forthcoming.


Michael said...

Lucky you, Alison! I can't wait for more... Cheers!

Brian Newhook said...

Looking forward to the pictures and details. We passed you guys on your way back in Swift Current. We were on our way to Marystown for a birthday party, and we were lucky enough to paddle around Swift Current for a few hours on our way back.

There is so much to see here in NL, and sadly, not enough time to see it all.


Alison Dyer said...

Michael... as soon as I'm somewhere with highspeed... and am in high gear (versus summer mode), I'll be posting more. What a terrific location.

Brian, ah, so it was you in that car I waved to ! :) Ain't Swift Current lovely? nearly got caught in massive eel grass nursery there last year on trip back from Davis Cove. Let me know when you & Angie are out paddling that way and I may hook up if that's good... Placentia Bay and around the Burin is heaven for paddlers. A

Steve sculpts critters said...

Looks amazing.
How about some bear poop photos?

Douglas Wilcox said...

Alison, the suspense....!


Alison Dyer said...

Other critical matters have hijacked me. May be a while before I'm able to post again.My apologies, please be patient. Alison