Tuesday, May 08, 2007

waiting for spring and a wide-thinking sea

(photos: Little Passage, Gaultois, south coast Newfoundland)
May 8, 2007
Bright yellow drysuits are reminding me of open-faced dandelions. White adirondacks of sun-soaking summer afternoons. I'm desparate for spring. And hankering for an extended trip. Perhaps the south coast of Newfoundland again? Hermitage Bay and Bay d'espoir on the south coast are hard to top. Cliffs, waterfalls, the odd cove crowded with houses and treacherous slips (makes for some interesting put-ins), many with just the sound of running water, the small cry of a bald eagle or that fog-toned call of a gull. The musty smell of blackberry heath when the breeze trips off over the land, or mouth-watering kelp when the sea is thinking wide.


jody said...

Beautiful, the photos and prose. I do miss Newfoundland's environment.

Alison Dyer said...

Many thanks Jody. Sounds like you need a trip back to this coast.