Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Mystery Photo #4 - what are they doing?

(Photo: Nfld Kayak Company CRCA Level 2 course, Burgeo)
May 17, 2007

After a day of refining strokes, towing, and performing mock rescues it's time to get down and play...? Can anyone remember the name of this hilarious game? And yes, that is solo expedition kayaker Serge Savard trying to keep up with the crowd.

The KNL (Kayak Newfoundland Labrador) annual retreat is this weekend in Terra Nova. Frey Hoffmeister & Greg Stamer will be there for greenland paddle and roll clinics. Can hardly wait. Got a new backband installed in my perception shadow (many thanks MD) - a nice low profile one used in tempest kayaks. Probably won't get to try it out until the saturday day trip. That and a new, tada, kokatat goretex drysuit. So high end, honestly, you won't recognize me :)


Michael said...

Let's see... doesn't look like 'spin the bottle', but Newfoundlanders do like to do things differently! ;-)

Douglas Wilcox said...

Praying for a long hot summer!


Alison Dyer said...

Hi Michael & Douglas - good ones! btw, sun out today, almost blazing, excellent timing for another greenland roll clinic with Freya (she is amazing & a great teacher) - more on that after I get some sleep - what a terrific KNL retreat weekend. As for the hand game, I think I'll ask games master Ian Fong about that. alison