Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bay Bulls - out past Long Harry and Spoon Island

Bay Bulls, on Newfoundland's Southern Shore, and just 35 minutes from St. John's, is home to two expanding whale watching tours. Apart from an aborted night paddle several years ago, I admit I've taken the bay for granted and tend to paddle much farther away. But on a recent November trip, with shortening days grabbing our paddle leashes, we headed out to explore its southern side. The wind was blowing: 30km with gusts of 50km from the sw. That provided a good tailwind for the trip out. We found and explored several caves and, near the headland, a rather lovely section of sea stacks: from Maggoty Cove, past Spoon Island, and beyond Cheese Point. [the map above is lifted from a real estate website... as you can see, land is quickly being bought & sold here.]

The name Bay Bulls is somewhat of a mystery. The name first appears on a 1592 map. Perhaps it was Bay Boulle named by Jersey fishermen. Or perhaps it derives from the common Dovekie Bull-Bird found in the area.

Still looking for a beach (gravel or boulders would do), we kept going outside until only a faint glimpse of Ireland could be seen. Okay, Ireland was beyond the horizon, but one of the islands of the seabird sanctuary was nearby. But no beach.

Never mind. A brisk headwind paddle back to near the put-in and we found a spot for lunch. Sardines and tea tastes delightful outside.


Michael said...

Good to see you've been getting out for a paddle! I've not been so lucky. Wicked weather has been the major problem (wind, snow and cold mostly), lack of willing partners has been the rest...

Alison Dyer said...

michael - so far october & november have been great paddling... if only rest of winter... but we may keep going. we'll see. a