Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Chance Cove - all days are sundays

(Photos of Chance Cove, TB courtesy of Graham Openshaw)

In a 2003 trip report about paddling Chance Cove to Rantem Harbour - a short but enlightening trip - I wrote that the paddle, like all fine things in life (tasting good chocolate, listening to bullfrogs, reading Barbara Kingsolver), should be enjoyed slowly, reverentially. And so when a late October chance to paddle the Chance arose, I grabbed it - and my 12-year-old enthusiastic daughter - along with several other members of our ever-expanding kayaking club.

October around the Chance offers a different view. Fewer eagles and the noisy terns and flashy guillimots were noticeably absent. Instead, the bright yellow and muted orange of larch, birch and dogberry softened the edges of Rantem Harbour. And anyway, rocks, caves, stacks, passageways have a tendency to stay put. Just one day past a full moon meant we were treated to a greater tidal range.

Daughter Ella was intrigued by the intertidal flora and fauna exposed by a low low tide and kept steering our borrowed double in close. Encouragement by another paddler had us both squeezing through passageways and rock hopping in places that I would not have thought a double could possibly manage. And while a double is far from my preferred mode of paddling, I was surprised at the agility we attained. Smiles from offspring #1 were well worth it.


Michael said...

Alison - What fun to think you two were out there together so recently! The pictures brought back great memories of my paddle there, and our stop on that same beach at the height of the caplin run, last summer. It's truly a wonderful and varied paddle and a great place to take a 12 year old!

Alison Dyer said...

Hey Michael - nice to hear from you. It was lovely to paddle Chance Cove at this time of year - I'm usually there early or mid summer. My god, a thought. Not only do I have an endless list of places to paddle in Newfoundland/Labrador - but each season brings its own flavour - I'll never have enough time...too many bays, too little time!!! ;) ;) Alison

Michael said...

Okay, but I don't want to hear about you two paddling there during a mid-winter storm! A nice calm winter's day, might be glorious however!

As for too little time, perhaps that's why Nfld is a paradise for paddlers. There's enough good spots to paddle to last you an eternity! ;-)

Alison Dyer said...

at least not until Ella has a drysuit & a good roll. things to work on next couple of winters at the pool sessions! A

Douglas Wilcox said...

Hi Alison, what a lovely destination! I am lucky that my daughter still wants to come paddling with me. She does have a dry suit.

Alison Dyer said...

Hi Douglas,
it's terrific to be able to share this activity with our kids... and maybe ratchet it up in a few years. Meanwhile, Christmases are going to get expensive (or, rather, I can dream) with 2 of us drooling of gear, suits, boats :)

Brian Newhook said...

Hi Alison,

I really enjoy your blog, interesting writing and great pics.

Its funny, my fiance is from Chance Cove, and we have paddling all over the province looking for the perfect place to paddle, and it turns out the best place we've found is right in her hometown! Its hard to find a 6 km paddle more dramatic than from Chance Cove to Rantem. Brian

Alison Dyer said...

Hi Brian,
It's ironic isn't it - we often look far & wide and best of all is right on our doorstep (well yours if not mine!). Look forward to paddling with you sometime. Alison