Tuesday, March 27, 2007

can't wait til summer

March 26,07

Sorry. Can't wait til summer. When us crowd descends upon the Cove, to swim, climb trees, plant veggies, pick berries, even kayak if the wind gods are with us. Jesus it's some far away! But we're some lucky!


Michael said...

Some lucky indeed, girl! Are all those kids yours? LOL
Knowing that even for those living in paradise bringing on summer is a good thing, my roof rack has a bunch of warm weather paddling days strapped on it which I'll be releasing in the next little while (I've got to defumigate the interior first for safety reasons). I'm sure summer will be drifting your way soon enough!

Alison Dyer said...

Hi Michael, I wish (maybe) but only two are mine.
So, defumigation, sounds like a story.
Summer? soon? how about a little march storm. Irony defined: checked out the window this morning - figured I could barrel through snow drifts. Thought wrong. Had to dig out car, move it, then dig out a good portion of rest of the square. Only I had to miss my physio appointment for a bad shoulder/arm. Boy, do I ever need it now! A