Monday, February 19, 2007

Ode to the worthy stove

february 19, 2007
Ice pings on the window, wind shakes the walls, something in the roof creaks, my elbow aches. Winter. Newfoundland style. Never mind sun salutations (although they help). I'm in search of Odes to the Wood Stove. Above is my lovely stove (albeit at my place around the bay - I'm in the 'dirty old town' with electric heat and draughts that let in a legion of icy tongues).
Below is my friend Peter's stove he likes to hoist around with him when skiing across the barrens of Labrador or, as above, setting up for a New Year's Eve Day skating party on the hills and ponds not far from St. John's. (He's not taken it paddling yet.)
So, if anyone has a particularly fine ode to a stove - or would like to try same - consider leaving them here. We could do with warm thoughts.
11:30pm update. Can no longer see out the windows (what's new). House is shaking badly. Creaking crescendos. Computer monitor about to fall off desk. Ah. Time to play ostrich.


Michael said...

Forget the stove Alison. I'll swing 'round by the Sydney ferry Thursday on my way to Florida and pick ya up. Bring your boat... ;-)

Alison Dyer said...

in a perfect world Michael :)
front door jammed closed with many feet of snow this morning. pancake day? snowcone day!

be sure to post from Florida just to make us spit ;)