Wednesday, January 31, 2007

from battlefield to babes

january 30, 2007

So here we are on the flanks of historic Signal Hill - a designated National Historic Site - an iconic place for most Newfoundlanders (and recently
voted best place to make out and, well, also best place to splitzo) and one that tops the must-visit list of tourists. The proposed redevelopment of the Battery Hotel galvanized residents in 2005 when a developer wanted to build a 10-storey brute of a building. That developer, Rick Butler, has since purchased the hotel, painted part of it red and added this life-size poster to one side. As one resident has put it:

"Rick Butler now owns the [Battery] hotel...and that sign on the side is scaring the hell out of me. . . he thinks he is still inCalifornia. Next week there will be valets on roller skates . Maybe avisit in February will remind him where the Battery is . Talk about a cultural slap in the face! That sign is a HUGE warning of this guy's mentality and how unaware he is. "

Just hope this babe doesn't try doing that in St. John's harbour - she could hit a nasty bubble.

On the victory side, residents of Quidi Vidi - just the other side of Signal Hill, have won a victory over further inappropriate development in their historic village.


Michael said...

Too bad she's not more 'celtic' looking. You might find a buyer in Spain who'd be happy to take her off your hands!

Alison Dyer said...

no kidding - i thought they'd have better taste :)