Saturday, September 16, 2006

What's In the potty?

On the national front:

Canada Cuts Kyoto Funding (ENN Sept.15.2006 — By the GLOBE Foundation of Canada)

The Government of Canada has pulled back from a $1.5 million pledge to the
United Nations Climate Change Secretariat to support the Clean Development
Mechanism (CDM). Canada’s contribution towards the administration of the scheme was to have been the largest of any country. The CDM is a system that allows industrialized nations to earn greenhouse gas emissions credits by investing in projects that reduce emissions in developing countries. Industrialized countries can then apply those credits in order to meet emissions targets set under the Kyoto Protocol. The general principle is that emissions reductions are cheaper and easier to achieve in developing countries, where simple investments in energy efficiency or alternative energy technology can yield large cuts. The CDM is recognition of the growing importance of developing nations such as India and China in the fight against climate change.

On the local scene (oh, just choose one! how about...):

Soaring assessments shock St. John's homeowners (CBC News

An upswing in the St. John's real estate market is hitting residents in
the pocketbook, with double-digit hikes in municipal tax assessments....[residents like Jack Wells saw hikes of 66% CBC reports...I can well believe that - in my neighbourhood, it's well over 70%!] "We're going to have to pay, we're on a fixed income and to us … we're amazed. We don't know what to do," said homeowner Jack Wells, a senior whose property value shot up from $69,000 to $115,000.
Meanwhile, our esteemed Mayor Andy Wells says he can't do anything about it, he knows nothing about the process of assessment "do you?" he asked CBC host Ted Blades, (although these assessors are not at all independent, as Andy would have us believe, but on contract with the City). Another tax grab - I guess that means council salaries will be going up again this year - why do we always have to be so cynical about Andy. I'm sure he's doing it in our best interests!


Anonymous said...

Correction, the property assessors are not on contract with the City but full-time paid staff.
Wells has been such a self-proclaimed expert on so many subjects over the years (when its served his self-interest) it makes you wonder why he's copping out on the issue of assessments.

squidink said...

That is interesting. And of course not what Andy told CBC Radio at all. Tried to make it seem that the entire thing was arms-length. What a load of hogwash. So, do we have property assessors listed with the city, or do they have another title?

squidink said...

Got my appeal in today. Apparently there were droves on the last day. Mayor Andy says the mill rate will have to be reduced - after inflation is taken into account. How do you spell slippery slope?!